Wooly Beast is a unique collection of all natural, eco-friendly home and body products. Created in our Portland, Oregon home studio, it began with inspiration from the many places we have lived and traveled, with a sharp focus on sustainable, eco-friendly materials. All of our products are eco, sustainable, vegan, and palm oil-free. We reuse materials as much as is possible. For example, we recently set up a recycling program at Made Here PDX where customers can drop off their used jars and tins and they receive a discount code for helping us become more sustainable. 

Our scents are based on memories, journeys, food, and all the special things that we would want to bring into our own home to make it a more cozy, inviting space.

All Wooly Beast products are made in our home studio in SW Portland and tested by us first, in our home, to make sure we are putting out the best possible product while maintaining our core values.